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More than just a familiar smell associated with Italian food, Organic Basil Linalool Essential Oil has a green, herbaceous aroma with slightly sweet notes that come with remarkable remedial properties. If you are fighting a cold, use Basil Linalool to help combat groggy feelings. Unlike other Basil Essential Oils, Organic Basil Linalool has a more appealing aroma that somehow remains dominant. No matter how you use it, this essential oil works great for relaxing and clearing the mind after a long day. Add it to a carrier of your choice to help loosen up tense muscles caused from stress in your daily life.

Organic Basil Linalool - 10mL

  • Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum

    Country of Origin: Egypt, Nepal

    Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

    Plant Part: Leaves

    Aromatic Scent: A sweet, fresh, green scent with a balsamic undertone

    KidSafe®: No

    Pregnancy Safe: No

    Nursing Safe: No

    Pup & Pony Safe: No

    Shelf Life: 3-4 Years

    Cautions: Maximum dilution of 3.3% for topical applications. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. External use only.

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