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Health Coaching

Do you need help with your health and wellness goals? Our health coaching services are designed to support you in achieving your goals and improving your overall well-being. Whether you need guidance with your nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep habits, or other aspects of your health, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable coaching packages and how we can help you transform your health and lifestyle.

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a collaborative and client-centered approach to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. It involves working with a trained professional who provides guidance, support, and personalized strategies to empower clients to make positive changes in their lives.

During health coaching sessions, clients can expect to engage in open and non-judgmental discussions about their health concerns, goals, and lifestyle choices. Health coaches use active listening, motivational interviewing techniques, and a supportive demeanor to understand the unique needs and motivations of their clients.

The role of a health coach encompasses various aspects of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep habits, and mindset. The emphasis is on guiding clients in setting achievable goals, identifying barriers to change, and developing practical and sustainable action plans.

Health coaches provide ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability as clients work towards adopting healthier habits and making positive lifestyle changes. They may offer education, resources, and tools tailored to the individual needs and preferences of their clients.

It's important to note that health coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy but rather complements other healthcare services. Health coaches often work alongside healthcare providers, such as doctors, nutritionists, and mental health professionals, to support their clients' overall well-being.

Overall, health coaching aims to empower individuals to take an active role in their health, cultivate sustainable lifestyle changes, and improve their overall well-being. By focusing on the client's strengths, values, and vision for a healthier life, health coaching promotes lasting and meaningful transformations in health and wellness.

Coaching Consultation (First Visit) - $85

Our Coaching services provide personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking a tailored plan to achieve their health and wellness goals. Jenna offers ongoing accountability, ensuring our clients' success in reaching their desired outcomes. With her expertise and dedication, she empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and thrive in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This appointment is one hour and will provide the framework for future sessions.

Coaching Follow-up Visits - $45

Once you have completed the initial consultation, Jenna will work with you to create a sustainable plan to reach your goals. In these follow-up sessions, Jenna will help refine your plan and keep you on the right track to attain your health goals. 30 minutes.

About Jenna

Jenna is wife and mother to 6 amazing kids. Being in good health has always been a necessity for her though she acknowledges it hasn’t always been reality. She is very thankful for the family and friends who supported her in her quest for wellness. After each of her 6 children, it was a process to regain her fitness and find the natural balance she craved. She would not be where she is without the support of her network.


Jenna’s desire is to help others find the natural balance in their lives and reach their wellness goals. She believes that small steps towards wellness are essential in creating lasting change and encourages her clients to create small, obtainable goals that will lead to the fulfillment of their larger life goal. Jenna will help her clients identify goals and build upon small successes to achieve their larger goals through regular communication, recommendations for changes, and support.


Please be aware that this is not a substitute for medical care and Jenna will encourage you to speak with your doctor about any medical changes first.

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